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Our Story

Every company needs an online presence if they wish to stay ahead of their competitors and in the direct sight of clients.

We are driven by values

Everything we do is carefully managed to provide the ultimate service, knowledge, and products to our clients. We never use templates or standard ideas to produce our work – everything is custom made for your particular needs. This means that you get a marketing agency that delivers results.

Carlo Schluter

Web Designer

Meet Carlo, our experienced web designer with almost 20 years of industry experience, who is passionate about coding and the latest technology. With a keen eye for design and a strong background in web development, Carlo has helped numerous clients create unique and functional websites that outshine the competition.

Carlo stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques to enhance their craft and enjoy collaborating closely with clients to bring their visions to life. Plus, this designer is a true coffee junkie, and never starts their day without a good cup of joe to fuel their creativity.

Sarah de Vasconcellos

Graphic Designer

Sarah de Vasconcellos obtained her Social
Media Marketing Certificate from Tactical
Digital Marketing. She knows how to
create compelling and relevant content
that resonates with a target audience and
can help clients build a strong and
engaged community on social media.

Overall, Sarah’s passion for helping clients
create a unique online presence,
combined with her expertise in social
media marketing, makes her a valuable
asset to any organization looking to
enhance their online presence and
connect with their target audience on
social media.

Jarred Swarts

Graphic Designer

Jarred Swarts obtained his Diploma in
Visual Communication at CTU Training
Solution! As a graphic designer in the
marketing team, his skills and expertise
will be invaluable in creating effective
designs and advertisements for clients
at WHM.

With his training and commitment to
excellence, Jarred will be able to
produce visually appealing and
engaging designs that effectively
communicate the brand message and
promote the products or services of
WHM’s clients.